November 28, 2005 Press Release


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From the Lake to the River: The New Orleans Coalition for Legal Aid & Disaster Relief today released An Alternative Vision for Redevelopment, Rebuilding & Reconstruction, a report to Mayor Nagin's Bring New Orleans Back Commission that addresses a number of challenges that lie ahead of the city. The report applauds officials for organizing a number of town hall meetings to solicit public input on the rebuilding process while offering broad recommendations on how best to rebuild the city while repairing systemic issues that existed pre-Katrina. The full report, which includes recommendations from a number of Tulane Law School professors, community activists, educators and others, along with an executive summary are available at

"After Katrina, non-profit organizations, civic groups and community leaders united to help provide immediate relief to evacuees who had been displaced. Now is the time to turn our attention to repairing and rebuilding the city to ensure that those who were involuntarily displaced have a place to come home to. Because of the extent, in both distance and pervasiveness, of forced evacuation, it is critical that we build a New Orleans that facilitates the return of all New Orleanians" said Bryan Mauldin, President of From the Lake to the River.

From the Lake to the River can be contacted at 866-NOLA-AID.